Performance Management System

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1. A critical examination of the job description of the job/job category that the performance management system applies to (assessment of the prerequisites) (300 words) The employee we that we interviewed has informed us about the mission, vision and values of Tawam hospital. Tawam hospital aims to provide quality healthcare for its patients. It also follows nine guiding principles such as: making the treatment offered to the patients paralleled to treating one’s family. It also adopts cultural diversity. For employees, Tawam Hospital encourages continues learning which results on innovation and development regarding professionalism. The healthcare organization follows the UAE laws in respecting patient’s rights. This shows that the employee interviewed has a background about where the organization want to go and what it want to achieve , which will make it easier to link it with the unit’s or department’s goals. For example, if as mentioned above, one of the recruitment or HR Department employees would like to pursue further higher education such as the Masters, the hospital would not only encourage it, but will provide the shorter working hours and leaves for the midterm and finals since it will increase to the worker knowledge and will serve the organization in the long run. The strategic goal of the medical recruitment team as Mrs. Almeqbali informed us is to act rapidly against the turnover rates in the hospital. There should be a backup candidate for every other
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