Performance Management Systems Are Important For A Wide

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Performance management systems are important for a wide range of reasons, and can be used for multiple purposes. One of these reasons is to help make good employment decisions, such as deciding who to promote within an organization. In order to make effective promotion decisions for mid-level information technology (IT) managers, it is necessary to outline the domain that performance takes place in, which is discussed in the first section. In the next section, criterion measures for relevant performance management systems will be given that can act as predictors in the promotion process of IT managers. In the final section, a summary of the criterion will be explored regarding relevance, sensitivity, and practicality. These evaluations are…show more content…
Although O*NET (2016) lists 49 technology skills necessary for an information technology (IT) manager, Hysong (2008) suggests that technical skill in a particular field is unnecessary for managerial performance. The lack of actual necessity in technology skills may be true, considering only 9 tools are listed by O*NET (2016) for IT managers; which include relatively low technical skill to operate (e.g. laser printer, smartphone, various computers, USB flash drive). Therefore, technical skills, although helpful, are likely not essential for an IT manager. Furthermore, research suggests the same personality characteristics required for general IT work are not the same personality characteristics that help to make good managers (Hysong, 2008). Therefore, the primary focus of an IT manager’s performance domain will rely on managerial knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) reflected in work activities, along with the leadership and personality characteristics needed to provide a favorable behavioral environment. Criterion Measure It is beyond the scope of this paper to go through all KSAs, work activities, and personality characteristics that make up the criterion being considered when making decisions concerning IT manager promotions. However, it is not necessary to evaluate each area
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