Performance Measures Of The Workplace

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Performance Measures in the Workplace One of the most important things about productivity is that it has to be measured to know if it 's getting better. "if you can measure it, you can manage it" (Society for Human Resource Management, 2011). A company has to assess their human capital regarding their goals and expectations. Every business needs to have some system or approach of determining how their employees are performing and what the company’s ROI is for those employees. The organization and its employee’s performance need to be gauged to ensure that the business is heading in the right direction. The CEO and other senior leaders have to know if they are meeting their organizational goals and objectives. If an organization is to be enhanced and grow, it needs to be strategically managed to ensure that success is inevitable. When an organization measures performance, it can stay on course with the progress of the business. Performance measurements provide critical data about what’s going on in business and with employees regarding meeting expectations. So there is a business benefit to performance measures. Through performance measurement systems, a company can know how different facets of the organization are performing and the triggers that may bring about any changes in performance. As I redirect my thoughts on our methodology of measuring performance, performance appraisals come to mind. Our organization has been using this approach to assess employees’ performance
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