Performance Of Sports And Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Performance Enhancers in Elite Sports Performance enhancing drugs are as old as sports themselves. Even the ancient athlete that competed in some of the first Olympic Games were know to use substances to boost their performance. It is on record that “Olympian Thomas Hicks won the marathon after receiving an injection of strychnine during the race in the third Olympiad”. (Savulescu, 1) It wasn’t until the 70’s that athletes began being tested for performance enhancing drugs and they became banned. Even then college athletes weren’t tested. Only a select few Olympians and professional athletes were tested. The International Amateur Athletic Federation projects that only 10%-15% of athletes are tested at all in major competition. (Savulescu, 5) Part of this was due to the fact that the technology to test for these substances was relatively new and unavailable. But the main reason performance enhancing drugs are illegal for athletic use is because they are seen as an unfair advantage for the athletes that use them and of course because of the health risks involved with using some of these drugs in dose that wouldn’t be prescribed by a physician. These reasons are either untrue or can be eliminated with their legalization. Either way, performance enhancing drugs should be allowed at the elite levels of competition such as profession sports and the Olympics. The best way for our government has found to control a substance and make it safer is through legalization and regulation.
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