Performance Rewards At The Workplace

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Performance Rewards Performance rewards come in a variety of opportunities. Typically, performance rewards would indicate a monetary reward such as a promotion, increase of pay, or the receipt of a bonus for a project completion. However, positive feedback or a simple thank you from an upper level management inspires the employee to produce results. Rewarding an employee with additional training or asking him or her to work with a specific team or conference encourages personal enhancement. Asking an employee to attend a conference, workshop, or business trip shows the employer believe in the employee. Any of these options gives the employee personal satisfaction and well as a big boost of confidence. Not all the information a…show more content…
Building loyalty with an organization may consist of a manager encouraging leadership skills, working with other employees, the treatment of employees, values associated with the organization and toward others, striving for a team concept, and development and growth opportunities. A manager with leadership skills can motivate employees who have the potential to do great things. An employee’s input is helpful in the planning and decision making stages and can provide input on reaching the goals and objectives. After all, an employee is involved in the day to day processes of the organization and can provide valuable insight that might not otherwise be as visible to a management team. As an employee works on a project, he or she becomes invested as if it is his or her own project. The employee takes ownership in a project and he or she will do what is necessary to have a success outcome. Because the employee is willing to do what is necessary, management will respect for the employee for they actions taken which will then make the employee form a loyalty toward the organization itself. It is important for the manager to be supportive of an employee and be available for any questions or suggestions the employee may have. Family and work conflicts are also implied here. It is important a manager to be respectful and trust their employees. It shows the character of a manager to admit when he or she is wrong and apologizes. An employee will respect the manager
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