Performance Standards For Our Chemical Mineral Spirits 75

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The supplier our group chose for our chemical mineral spirits 75 is CITGO. There are eight performance standards and I will be covering performance standards 3, Resource Efficiency and Pollution Prevention, and performance standard 4, Community Health, Safety, and Security. Through the evaluation of the performance standards to the findings about CITGO is how we will determine if CITGO is a suitable supplier for our chemical Performance 3 talks about how air, water, and land pollution can be enlarged by high activities in the economy and urbanization. Those events can also consume limited resources in a way that may threaten people and environment at the local, regional, and global level. This Performance standard main purpose and goal is to reduce pollution whenever and however possible to satisfy the objectives. There are three objectives of this standard and those are one, To avoid or minimize adverse impacts on human health and the environment by avoiding or minimizing pollutions from project activities, two To promote more sustainable use of resources, including energy and water” and three, “To reduce project-related GHG emissions.(EPH) Resource Efficiency In the performance standard the client “The CITGO Lemont Refinery has taken significant steps in improving its efficiency, environmental advances and production. Recent environmental enhancements include a new wet gas scrubber and selective catalytic reduction unit, which reduce atmospheric emissions” (CITGO
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