Performance Triad And The Army Personnel Essay

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Performance triad was developed to improve performance, resilience, and readiness in the army. Performance Triad was developed by Army medicine to maintain healthy lifestyle for soldiers and their family. It is important for all soldiers to be in their best physical and mental condition and be ready for any challenges ahead them. A healthy mind and body improves overall performance of all soldiers. Performance triad is a tool to measure how an individual is doing in these particular areas; activity, nutrition and sleep. These three areas are the foundation of good health and battle readiness for a soldier. Studies have shown how performance triad can increase and improve a soldier’s performance in the army. This essay discusses in details how effective performance triad is to the Army Personnel. Introduction Performance Triad was developed by Army Medicine to create healthier lifestyles for soldiers, soldier’s family, retirees, DOD personnel and all Army family. Army Medicine encourages everyone to try and maintain the basics of health education. Thus by doing so, it teaches us simplicity can be just as effective. Every soldier needs sleep, proper nutrition, and activity. Maintaining these basic necessary components increases performance of the unit efficiency. Eating a proper nutritious diet offers numerous health benefits that keep soldieries’ mentally and physically well. Performance triad shares practical tips for healthy living, including
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