Performance appraisal in relation to employee and employers Essay

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Hendry et al (2000) suggest that appraisal is a “misused” process, designed to control employees’ activities. Nevertheless, past and recent scholars have regarded performance appraisals as a strategic and integral part of an organization (Longenecker and Goff 1992; Coutts and Schneider 2004). Performance appraisal is referred as two simple terms that provoke and propel strong responses, sentiments, opinions and judgment in the organizational context of formal appraisal procedure when mutually used together (Pettijohn L. et al 2001 and Kumar 2005). Most organizations of the world, irrespective of its size, type and product distinction employ the use of performance appraisal; but with different level of accomplishment as an
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This suggests that performance appraisal is a dominant tool to evaluate, assess, develop and compensate the performance of employee/subordinate helping to create goal congruence between the organization and it employees.
Research has identified a gap amongst the managers and employees’ perception about performance management theory and its actual practice (Bratton J. and Gold J. 1999). In practice, most organizations do not employ the performance management process to its full capacity in motivating employees (Morris et al. 1991). Though in theory, the general acknowledgment that performance management is a tool used to promote employee understanding of its contribution to organizations strategic goals; while also ensuring that the right talent and skills are centered on the things of importance. Yet in practice, it is regarded as just a documentation phase that is used to fulfill basic organizational and statutory requirements (CIPD 2009). In simple terms, performance management can be described as a strategic part of human resource management; which is an all-inclusive process that aims to bring together various aspects including performance appraisal (Boxall and Purcell, 2003). Noticeably, an important aspect of performance appraisal is enhancing performance, which is a key element of organizational life and performance
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