Performance of the Bfp in Terms of Fire Prevention

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Fire is defined as a chemical change accompanied by the emission of heat and light and after flame, usually a change consisting in the combination of carbon compounds with oxygen of the air. Since fire was invented during the ancient times it brought many changes in mans way of life. Today with the modern technology, we are experiencing the comfort brought about with the innovations done since fire was discovered. Fire has many uses to man but if left unattended it has always been a serious hazard with devastating result. Fire accidents don't just happen there will always be a cause and some general causes behind every fire outbreak are carelessness, negligence or even ignorance on the part of the people. Fire…show more content…
HYPOTHESIS This study will be guided by the hypothesis that: There is a significant relationship between the performance of the BFP Sipocot and fire fighting a facilities and equipment available and being used. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The findings of this study will benefit the following: Department of Interior and Local Government- The findings of the study will give them valid and reliable information as to the need of the BFP Sipocot in terms of facilities and equipment for an efficient and effective service on fire prevention and suppression. Local Government Unit Officials- This study will be an eye-opener for them to allocate funds to improve and enhance the existing firefighting facilities of the BFP Sipocot. BFP firefighters- the findings of this study will help them asses the effectiveness and efficiency of their service in terms of fire prevention and suppression. Researchers- this study will serve as a basis or reference for future studies regarding the firefighting facilities and equipment in relation to the performance of firefighters. Community- the result of this study will create awareness on the part of the people in relation to fire prevention and suppression. DEFINITION OF TERMS The following terms are defined conceptually and operationally to understand the main focus of the study Bureau of Fire protection- it refers to the government entity responsible for promoting fire safety, prevention, suppression and investigation of fire

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