Performance of the Eden Distributed Operating System

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The Eden Distributed Operating System is made in a period of almost 5 years as an experiment. Many mode machines are connected in this system and operations are performed at a fast rate. Professionals made this system for checking working and using it with many types of applications. Many research programs are using The Eden Distributed Operating System which is also supporting many types of programming languages. This is a large system and able to hold a large volume of data which is to be provided for users at any time.

The Eden Distributed Operating System is working on the basis of objects and following many old systems including Hydra. Functions of this system are distributed and managed like many other systems including Apollo. This system is able to work in remote forms like an old system made by Xerox. It means that The Eden Distributed Operating System is containing many factors of old systems. There are many good factors in this system alone which were working in many old systems. Professionals have combined good factors of many old systems and integrated them in this system so that users could get many types of benefits.

Different types of objects are available in The Eden Distributed Operating System, which are performing functions for this system to carry out the routine tasks. These objects are working together and sending and receiving responses. Messages are sent through these objects and smooth communications and interactions are obtained. Professionals
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