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Live Theatrical Performance Helen Robinson HUM/103 Intructor Bjorn Mercer March 10, 2013 Abstract This article gives an analysis of a theatre performance Les Miserable directed by Tom Hooper. It analyses on the best aspects of the play that was performed on stage. The play is a musical and an acting performance with the main character being Jean Valean. An analysis of the plot is given and also the sub plots with the characters featured. The performance by Les Miserable is one that has combined the aspects of art and theatre performance in the most professional manner. The director Tom Hooper has used the musical genre in this performance and this makes it the most pleasing aspect of the…show more content…
Marias and Enjolras who are students together with Gavroche starts planning for a revolution. Marius falls in love with Cosette who is constantly asking Jean about her past and her mother but she gets no answer. The death of Lamarque is announced in a café where Enjolras had organized a meeting. Marius and Cosette confess their love for each other.Eponine joins the revolution and also Marius bids goodbye to Cosette as they take part in the revolution and disrupt Lamarque’s funeral. It was not expected that Marius would leave Cosette, and this creates a lot of suspense. Marius is the only survivor in the revolution, he is saved by Valjean and reunited with Cosette whereby they get married.Valjean leaves them but Thenardiers informs Marius that it is Valjean who saved his life. They therefore, decide to go look for him. In the end,Valjean is sitting in a convent where they find him, and he tells Cosette about his past. As a director of the theatrical presentation, I would change a couple of things to make the presentation more catching. First, the performance was very long against expectation of many audiences. Second, I would put more time to engage my audiences through adding time, but taking into consideration not to bore them. Last, I would engage my audiences into singing the choruses. Otherwise, I would not change anything else. It was a great theatrical
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