Performing Arts Personal Statement

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As we move into the future, many students are tending to shy away from the performing arts either because they are scared to present themselves to their peers, or they believe that they are not good enough to perform. But all throughout my life, I have been active in many different programs that help to showcase my talents to the greater community which have helped me be more confident as I enter into adulthood. For example, I have been a part of the band program at my high school my entire high school career as well as being a member of various extracurricular orchestras over the past years. So as the millennial generation begins to attend college, a performing art class should be a part of every college curriculum. First of all, the performing…show more content…
Since I have been involved in many different orchestras, I have become accustomed to performing and showcasing myself in front of my community. This then transfers into everything that I do. The performing arts have helped me be more confident in my life all around whether it be in the classroom giving a presentation or taking charge of a sports team. I would like everyone to experience this degree of confidence that I have felt, and I think that college would be a perfect opportunity to branch out and try something new. Moreover, the performing arts help people to find something they are passionate about. In my case, I am very passionate about music, and it is one of my favorite hobbies. I have dedicated myself to my music, and in turn, I have won many different awards for my musical abilities. With that in mind, I would like all of the students to be able to find something they are passionate about in order for them to completely dedicate themselves to something. If the performing arts were to become part of the required curriculum, it would allow many students to become more confident in their lives as well as being able to dedicate themselves to something greater than they are. And during this process, the students will hopefully be able to make new and lasting
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