Essay on Performing Dark Arts

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In comparison to text-based performances, those of a non-text based nature can illustrate the unity between cultures with less difficulty due to universally understood practices and semiotics in an increasingly globalised world. Non-text based performances provide both beneficial and critical elements when compared to text-based performances and this will be analysed and demonstrated with the example of ‘performing the dark arts’. The will ensue performances of ritualised purposes, conjuring shows, illusionary performances, stage trickery and what is identified as ‘magic’ (more-so than supernatural phenomenon or witchcraft) in order to theorise how non-text based performance has shaped modern cultures, partially through globalisation,…show more content…
As the performance of illusion and ‘secular magic’ does so already. Secular magic, being of a non-text based nature does not, as previously mentioned, follow such rigid performance boundaries as text-based performances that stem from plays or scripts, for instance. A dramatic text can often represent eras, time periods or a social or political message that can be taken in reference to that era or time. Not to say that non-text based performances do not, but somehow non-text based performances can seem a little more lenient when it comes to the recreation of an event. Often with classic work, such as that of Shakespeare or Ibsen, it is a sensitive area when modernising such texts or even conveying them in a non-westernised setting as contextual elements of the original work can be lost. Similarly there are linguistic barriers with such texts as different translations can blur the effect of the original dialogue. Yet, if there is no translation at all then there is an obvious language barrier for those reading or viewing a performance. Simon During
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