Performing In Pornographic Films And the Risks Involved

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Pornography has been a controversial topic throughout history. With the advent of the V.C.R. Pornographic film industry blew up in the 1980's then again with the Internet in the late 1990's. With the knowledge that wealth could be attained by anybody beautiful enough and willing to have sex on camera, the industry exploded with tons of new talent. Unfortunately, there are severe risks involved in the pornographic film industry: STD'S, mental health disorders, drug addiction, and other harmful affects that should have potential performers thinking twice. Monthly tests for STD's including HIV, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia are now a part of life in the industry (Grudzen, et al. P72 Pathways). Greater prevalence of HPV, Herpes, gonorrhea, and…show more content…
they end up doing things to their body that they don’t want to do.”(Grutzen et al, p73 Pathways) The men also undergo physiological changes for the job as well, many use steroids as well as erectile dysfunction drugs (Grutzen et al, p74 Pathways). There may be performers who take 3 or 4 viagra/levitra pills like mints to accommodate the long hours on set(Grutzen et al, p74 Pathways). Further, there is an injectable erectile dysfunction drug that leaves an open wound in the penis( Grutzen et al, p74 Pathways) that may potentially spread or help in the acquisition of an STD. Physical harm may come to those who choose to perform, particularly the female actors though. In Grutzen's Pathways article it is said that several interviewed women “reported having experienced hair-pulling, choking, and consensual sexual acts in which performers were injured.”(Grutzen et al, p74 Pathways) This is consistent with what Tianna Lynn stated in an interview that in her three week porn career 'I was in the hospital three times. Allergic to lube. Being pounded too hard. My cervix closed up. My ass got torn up.'(Lubben). In the Pathways article it is reported that most the abuses are by males, one company forced rapes even(Grutzen et al, p74 Pathways). In the case of anal tearing, one actress did not pursue medical treatment until she got an infection in her abdomen(Grutzen et al, p74 Pathways). There is no consensus upon whether

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