Performing Rhetorical Analysis

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Performing Rhetorical Analysis The intended audience of this source is adults. They are targeting adults that would watch the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl. They also target adults with enough education, work experience, and perspective to appreciate or engage in an article that offers a meta-view or macrocosmic view of trends in media consumption. The adults are likely in and over their thirties, with moderate to exceptional knowledge of their indigenous culture (American), including the traditional & popular cultural practices. It is uncertain as to whether there is a specific ethnicity targeted, as the content is regarding puppies and other cute baby animals, which appeal to people of all ethnicities. The content has a universal appeal; the writing style of the article appeals to middle class white Americans, or those who relate most to that culture or at least have a moderate understanding to that culture. The assumptions the article makes regarding the audience is that they watched one or both bowls and that they have a neutral or friendly audience. They assume an audience that is moderately informed as well as moderately uninformed; this article is for those who know about the Puppy Bowl and for those who do not. The article does not definitely identify the type of audience they want. The information regarding the audience is implied and contextual. The purpose of the source is to be informational or to provide exposition regarding the Puppy Bowl. There is also a
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