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Grenouille does not feel dead oddly enough. One would figure after being torn to shreds and devoured by cannibals that your life would be over and you would be no more. However why does Grenouille's feel alive as if life had just begun? He sits there, feeling no physical presence to call his own and yet he feels vibrant and exhilarated. Like the many scents memorized throughout his life, thousands upon thousands of options as to why life is still felt by Grenouille flow through his mind. He knows that this is not physically possible, so he must think of it in another arena, not just physically.
     After many
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     Finally on his fourth month of traveling Grenouille had found her. About a mile out of the town Montece, something caught his olfactory fancy. A new scent even more fabulous and exploding with sensuality than any other he had been able to bear witness to. He followed it like a wolf pack to its kill until at last he was on the threshold of this new scent. It was a modest cottage on the outskirts of Montece, kind of run down looking but there was a definite presence.
     For three days and nights Jean Baptiste hung around town and listened to the towns people talk and every so often a mention of this girl would come in to the conversation. Meanwhile the scent was driving Grenouille crazy and clouded his mind with thoughts that he was still a human presence, when he in fact wasn't. So with his curiosity at its peak he journeyed to the cottage.
     Upon entering this home he found nothing in the entryway but coats and clogs. Jean Baptiste made his way up the stairs. The scent was unmistakingly there. He floated through the first few doors with no luck but at the door down the hall he sensed it. He smelled the missing ingredient to his ultimate perfume. It smelled strangely enough like the red haired girl of the past but there was a difference. A subtle difference that too most it wouldn't even register but to Grenouille it was a vast difference. He slowly made his way to the door and took
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