Perfume Is A Man Named Jean Baptiste Grenouille

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Perfume is about a man named Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. He was born with an extraordinary sense of smell that is unlike any other as he can smell things at a faraway distance. He lived in an orphanage and was soon traded off to a man named Grimal. Through Grimal, he gained entry to Paris and began his quest to find every scent and make the greatest scent. He became an apprentice under a perfume creator and thus started to create scents. Baudelaire’s poem, To a Malabar Girl, is about a girl who is mystifying in a way that only a true artist can sculpt how beauty she is. That kind of beauty has to be preserved in a way that Grenouille knows best, through scents. After growing up in hardships, both had to come to terms with what is love and what is false love. Grenouille, throughout the novel, chases after the most beautiful girls that he sees who also have the most enriching scents. He would go after their bodies and dispose of them once their scent was depleted. In Baudelaire’s poem he writes, “To the thoughtful artist your body is sweet and fresh….Are to keep cool water and perfume to the flasks” (lines 3-6). Grenouille uses a similar technique in order to capture the scent. He uses oil cloths to absorb the scent off of the young women he has slain. These scents are the closest thing he experiences to love after growing up with no one to love or care for him. When he discovers that he has no scent of his own, he becomes obsessed with earning the people’s undivided

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