Perfume Out of Rose Petals

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CHAPTER I Background of the study I. Introduction The perfume is used today to describe scented mixtures and it is derived from the Latin word “perfumus” meaning through smoke. Perfumes were placed in a beautiful container. This container was mostly made of glass or plastics. Perfumes were used to scent our surroundings and also ourselves. It is used to scented good and be well-groomed to others. Some of the perfume has extinct essence but some are not. Original perfumes like CK, Hugo, Tommy, Polo Sport, etc. last longer than the perfumes you may buy at the mall like Afficionado, Prescripto, Joel Cruz, etc. Today, very high quality perfume can be purchased at a very affordable price…show more content…
Although perfume and perfumery also existed in East Asia, much of fragrances are incense based. The basic ingredients and methods of making perfumes are described by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalist Historia. ( History of Perfume The first form of perfume was incense. Incense was first discovered by the Mesopotamians about 4000 years ago. Ancient cultures burned many kinds of resins, bums, and woods at their religious ceremonies. They often soaked the fragrant resins and woods in water and oil, and rubbed their bodies with the liquid. They also embalmed the dead with these perfumes. Incense, aromatics and perfume oil became available to all Egyptians as the priest gradually relinquished their exclusive rights. Citizens were commanded to perfume themselves at least once a week. They fastidious in their personal habits, took elaborate baths. They soaked their skin in oil because it gave them pleasure and helped protect their bodies from the drying effect of the torrid sun. ( Perfume is a substance made of natural or synthetic (artificially created) material, or a combination of both. These materials are combined by a perfumer (a maker of perfume) to produce a pleasing fragrance. People use perfumes in

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