`` Perfume : The Story Of A Murderer, By Patrick Suskind

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‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’, by Patrick Suskind, is an exciting novel which revolves around a physically normal but quite young protagonist named Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. This remarkable young boy stands out above the rest. His extraordinary skill, although quite unorthodox and unusual, manifested his mind at a very young age and adhered to him for the remainder of the book. His skill was the ability to perceive, document and archive thousands of olfactory senses and distinguish them from one to the other in a matter of seconds. His extraordinary olfactory skill brings Grenouille through many horrific experiences, however it leads him to something much greater, his personal identity. Throughout the novel we see Grenouille go…show more content…
It is evident throughout many places in the book that Baldini’s perfumery skill are quite poor and much of his success is based off of other people’s work. This is in complete contrast to Grenouille, whose love and talent for olfactory senses far exceeds Baldini’s. This is evident when Grenouille awakes from his sickness and states, “Tell me, maftre, are there other ways to extract the scent from things besides pressing or distilling?” – (104). Baldini quickly responded and told Grenouille that there were three other ways in which he could extract scent, however these methods are only present down the south of France. It is evident that Baldini and Grenouille share major differences when it comes to natural talent, as Baldini can no longer make perfume, while Grenouille is one of the most naturally gifted perfumers in the whole of France. However it is also evident that this horrific experience that Grenouille went through, with the disease known as small pox, led him in the search for his own personal identity as a perfumer as it is only after recovering, did Baldini allow Grenouille to travel to the south of France in order to obtain these new techniques. One of the main, dominant characteristics of Grenouille
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