Perhaps One Plans To Someday Come To God For Salvation,

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Perhaps one plans to someday come to God for salvation, but day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment they find that they are still waiting and approaching an eternal Hell, and turning away The Son of God. Just as it was Adams nature to run and try to hide from God, it is also mankind 's nature to do the same. One must come to know that it is essential to realize their helpless estate, that an eternity waits, that in this state one is the servant of sin, doomed, damned, and unable in oneself to come to Jesus for salvation. Sadly there is nothing that they can do. In fact, they are over two thousand years too late.

God has exalted Christ “and given him a name which is above every name:” Philippians 2:9. Christ willingly went to
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Hebrews 10:30-39
12. Ransom- Deliverance from death. Matthew 20:28
13. Condemnation Removed- New verdict. Romans 8:1
14. Remission- New dismissal. Matthew 26:28
15. Sanctification- New Position/Location. I Corinthians 6:4
16. Justification- New Acquittal. I Corinthians 6:11
17. Washing- New Cleansing. I Corinthians 6:4
18. Preservation- New Security. John 10:27-29
19. Providence- New Provision. Philippians 4:19
20. Advocate Privileges- New Lawyer. I John 2:1
21. High Priests Prayers- New Intercessor. Romans 8:34
22. Acceptance With God- New Relationship. Ephesians 1:6
23. Perfection- New Standing. Hebrews 10:14
24. Made Fit- New Qualification. Colosians 1:12
25. God’s Inheritance- New Ownership. Ephesians 1:8
26. God’s Beloved- New Lover. Romans 1:7
27. Made Rich- New Treasure. Ephesians 1:3
28. Predestinated- Fulfilling god’s Outline. Romans 8:29,30
29. Foreknown- Fulfilling God’s love. Romans 8:29
30. Foreordained- Fulfilling God’s Work. II Peter 1:20
31. Elected- (My emphasis) all the saved, not hand picked as to be saved Ephesians 1:4
32. Called- Fulfilling Translated- New Kingdom. Colosians 1:13
33. God’s Invitation. Acts 2:38,39
34. Regeneration- New Life. Titus 3:5
35. Forgiveness- New Conscience. Ephesians 1:7
36. Satanic Deliverance- New Freedom. Colossians 1:13
37. Deliverance From Self- New Freedom Romans 6
38. Deliverance from Law- New Freedom Romans

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