Peri-Operative Care for an Inguinal Hernia

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Introduction The Nursing Careers Allied Health refers to peri-operative as surgical nurses that offer patients with care during the period prior to and after a surgery or intervention procedure. Peri-operative nursing involves different specialty nursing roles, which include the holding bay, pre-admission nurse, circulating, anesthetic, scrub or instrument nurse, and recovery room. Other duty the peri-operative nurse carries out includes the evaluation and education of the patient. Peri-operative nurses are responsible for providing the patient with care in the nursing procedure framework. This will use tools like care planning, intervention, patient assessment, and evaluation of the patient outcomes. In the case study, Mark a 60-year-old Caucasian male is to undergo a general surgery to repair his inguinal hernia, after being referred by his general practitioner. The patient is a moderate drinker, a little overweight, but is healthy and fit. This article describes the patient's pathway through the peri-operative journey entailing the nursing care received. Pre-Admission After referral by their general practitioner, Mark is sent to the preadmission clinic where a pre-admission nurse attends to him. This is where the preadmission nurse carries out a preadmission examination prior to admitting for surgery (Brykczynska and Simons 2011). In the preadmission stage, the nurse is responsible for gathering the patient's clinical history and general physical condition (Crisp,

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