Pericles Golden Age

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“Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war” President Donald Trump once said. Pericles saw that the Athenians were losing a battle when it comes to accomplishments in the arts, citizenship, and democracy. When he gained power, he led Athens into a Golden Age. A Golden Age is when high level of accomplishments is reached in a society. Pericles help create Athenian Golden Age because of how he brought brought the idea of citizenship, the arts reaching it’s highest peak, and created the basic principles of democracy that we use today. During the reign of Pericles, he brought the idea of citizenship to the people of Athens. In Pericles’ Funeral Orations he stated that “Not membership of a particular class, but the ability which the man processes.” Pericles says that in society, your class does not matter, what matters is how you contribute to democracy. He also shows the idea of citizenship again when he says, “everyone is equal before the law.” Pericles is showing that citizens will be equal no matter what so you should not be afraid to participate because the law will treat you equally. Once again Pericles demonstrates the idea of citizenship when he said, “power is in the hands not of a minority but of the whole of the people.” Once more, Pericles shows that everyone has a right to be a part of democracy and encourages you to be a part of. Others would say that because not everyone had the same rights, the rule of Pericles’ was not a Golden Age, however
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