Pericles : The Age Of Pericles Essay

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Pericles, the man whose name has the meaning “surrounded by glory” behind it certainly lived up to that title, considering the years he ruled Athens is known to be called the ‘Age of Pericles’. Being born into a wealthy leading family, Pericles was surrounded by artists and philosophers and received an excellent education which would subsequently lead him to his career. He first made a name for himself in the courtroom where he prosecuted the leading statesmen, Cimon, for accepting bribes in exchange to not invade Macedonia after winning a victory in Thrace. Although he was unsuccessful, it was this trial that began the conflict between Cimon and the democratic reformers (Blackwell, section 5). Pericles strongly disliked Sparta for their oligarchy practices, such as driving out foreigners (Harris, 163). Being strongly opposed to Sparta and the reform of the constitution in Athens, this is what drove Pericles to want to make changes in Athens. He worked closely with Ephialtes, someone who shared the same democratic views as himself but was a more established leader. The duo was eventually elected as generals during the years of 462-461 BC and planned an attack upon Cimon. Pericles and Ephialtes proceeded to carry out radical democratic reforms which removed all constitutional powers from the Areopagus Council, while in the meantime, Cimon was ostracized. Cimon convinced Athenians to assist Sparta during a helot, however, the Spartans rejected their help and sent the Athenian

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