Perineal Care Report

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L- Today in clinical I practiced proper technique to perform perineal care on both male and female patients. E- To prepare for perineal care we gathered all the materials needed, including towels, a basin, and a bath sheet. Following this, explained the procedure and began care. In order to avoid contamination Ashleigh, Chelsea and I took turns and clean the patient from the cleanest to the most contaminated area. On the female patient, we began the process at the inner thigh then moved toward the labia majora, then the labia minora. Finally, we cleaned the urethra followed by the rectum. For each section, we used a new area of the cloth to promote infection control. In addition, we considered appropriate times to rinse the cloth. I felt this process…show more content…
847). Additionally, extra precaution should be taken when cleaning skin crevices and areas that produce secretions because this is a common area for bacteria growth (p. 847). Furthermore, wiping in the direction of the perineum to the rectum decreases the chance of fecal material causing an infection (p. 847). Research furthered my understanding of proper technique to performing perineal care in many circumstances. When cleaning the perineal, it is best practice to being the process on the inner thigh of women and the glans for men. This is suggested because the areas are seen as the cleanest, so they will not become contaminated throughout the process. Likewise, the research identified the patients at higher risk for contamination. It is important to use extra precaution in these situations because an infection may be detrimental to the patients healing process. I would implement this improvement by reviewing the clients’ history more thoroughly to recognize if they are experiencing
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