Periodic Table By Robert Boyle

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The Periodic Table is useful in various ways. It can help us figure out information about elements that are included on the periodic table. The periodic table has a great history on all the things that happened in order for the periodic table to be what it is today. Periodic Laws make it easier to understand what happens to elements in certain situations. Trends about the periodic table explain what happens to certain elements in certain situations and how these elements react to them. Families in the periodic table put the elements in groups based on their characteristics and reactivity to other elements. The periodic table is a useful tool for anyone that needs to use it. This tool has helped scientists in many ways, and it will continue to do so. The Periodic Table As we know, today there are one-hundred and eighteen elements on the periodic table of elements, but it didn’t start out like this. A scientist back in the day who went by the name of Robert Boyle discovered the first element to be which was the element phosphorus, in the year of 1680. In the same year and because of this scientists discovery of the first element, phosphorus, the public eye began to see and learn about the elements and be known. Ever since the first element had been discovered, many more scientists joined in and found more discoveries about elements. Many more elements were discovered from 1680, when the first element ever was discovered, to 1809 when the number of
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