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Periodic Table Research Paper Madison Swanson Manson Northwest Webster Abstract Today, the periodic table is used by many people worldwide to learn more about the elements located on it. It has evolved into a much easier piece of information to use because of all the many scientists and chemists that have revised it over the last hundred ish years. There are certain things on the periodic table that help to learn more about each element. Periodic families are used to help understand similarities between the atomic structures of elements. Trends are used to show certain patterns within the periodic table. One can learn many things about the periodic table from studying it. History of the Periodic Table The periodic table is a scientific table with all of the known elements found throughout history and is organized in order of increasing atomic numbers. The first discovery of an element was in 1649 by a man named Hennig Brand and in the following two centuries, chemists all over the world kept finding similar properties and decided to start categorizing them into similar groups. In 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev (see figure 1) was the first man to come up with a periodic table based on atomic mass. Since then many other scientists have provided more information to make the periodic table what it is today. There are multiple periodic tables all including the same elements but some containing more or less information on each element. Information

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