Periodontal Assessment and Maintenance

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Periodontal assessment and maintenance An appropriate recall interval for periodontal therapy is of particular interest as periodontal regeneration following active treatment requires an isochronal maintenance program. Current professional habitude recommends a 3 month rationale for periodontal recall interval. The justification of this recall interval is to allow sufficient time for periodontal healing, assess re-colonisation of periodontopathogens, and allow reiteration of oral hygiene instruction (Darcey and Ashley, 2011). A frequently cited study for the justification of the 3-month interval is Stanton et al (1969) time series study investigating the rate of wound healing of human gingivae by measuring hydroxyproline present in gingival collagen against time (N= 99). Their results yielded a 50% regeneration of collagen after 25 days. Through regression analysis their existing data, they extrapolated full connective tissue repair would require at least 49 days. Weaknesses with this study include inadequate follow up necessitating them to estimate their findings and their small sample size. As well, it did not relate directly to periodontal therapy, as their study only investigated wound healing following a gingivectomy. Canton et al (1982) investigated the maintenance of healed pockets following root planning to evaluate clinical stability of 128 periodontal pockets over the course of 3 months. They observed that across 4 to 16 weeks following root planning there was a
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