Periodontal Disease And Pregnancy : An Important Thing For All Of Us

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Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy
Jessica Klucznik
Old Dominion University
Dental Hygiene Program

Periodontal disease and pregnancy is an important thing for all of us to take into consideration when dealing with clients. When it comes to pregnancy there is a great change occurring in the body, these changes can leave women more susceptible to infections within the body. So it is important for us to have the knowledge as to what we should do to help and teach our patients so they can help prevent periodontal disease as well as treat it to help better their overall health as well as their baby’s health.

Today I want to present to you, the Virginia Dental Hygienists Association with a paper concerning how periodontal disease affects pregnant women. For a long time, there has been question to whether or not there is a direct correlation between these two types of studies: animal and human. The journal of Clinical Periodontology acknowledged that there have been some conclusive results, but there is a lack of consistency in different areas of the studies being done. They noted that there has been many studies done that have shown positive correlation between the periodontal disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes but these studies aren’t also consistent (2013). So this paper is going to look at a collection of studies and reviews of studies to try and gather new information to inform us on the ever changing knowledge on…
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