Periodontal Disease And Pregnancy : An Important Thing For All Of Us

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Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy Jessica Klucznik Old Dominion University Dental Hygiene Program Abstract Periodontal disease and pregnancy is an important thing for all of us to take into consideration when dealing with clients. When it comes to pregnancy there is a great change occurring in the body, these changes can leave women more susceptible to infections within the body. So it is important for us to have the knowledge as to what we should do to help and teach our patients so they can help prevent periodontal disease as well as treat it to help better their overall health as well as their baby’s health. Introduction: Today I want to present to you, the Virginia Dental Hygienists Association with…show more content…
It is important that we have this knowledge and constantly build on it because there still isn’t any valid ground. We can say “we think this can happen” but as more studies come out we can change that thought or idea into a valid explanation. Although you can’t convince every person into believing something, having proof behind your explanation is going to be more persuasive than just stating what you’ve heard. Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy: An important thing we can discuss and take the time to learn is how periodontal disease can manifest in pregnant women versus just a normal person. The change in the hormone levels for a pregnant woman greatly affects the body because there is so much change going on from within. One of the first things to note is how the hormones estrogen and progesterone increase and cause the blood vessels of the gingival tissue to become more permeable (2011). We all know how quickly and easily disease can spread within the head and neck area. So when the permeability of these blood vessels are increased this then makes it easier for infectious bacteria to pass through them causing it to travel to the rest of the body. As we discuss the results of a few studies that were published we can keep in mind that periodontal disease does vary among each person within the study. One of the most common things that can occur during pregnancy is gingivitis. With the increased levels of progesterone, it can
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