Peripeteia Of Torchy

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Secondly, Torchy’s hamartia of being lust for money and sex causes him to face his reversal of fate. Since Torchy makes an error in judgement, so there is a peripeteia that he has to face. For instance, after Torchy wins his eighty thousand dollars he forget to wash his hand, hence “The devil’s claws [are] on [him]. The same hands that [win] [him] eighty grand plus [are] digging through [his] throat” (). The peripeteia in this is that Torchy is being punished by the devil of his greediness and lust for money and sex. Torchy forget to wash his hand, as his grandfather warns him, because of his lust. In addition, Torchy is gratified with materials, so he loses his wealth and harm himself shows how Torchy is experiencing the opposite circumstances
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