Peripheral Visional Field Research Paper

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The goal of this research project will be to see if there is a change in an athlete’s ability to see in their peripheral visional field after participating in strenuous exercise. This will be performed by putting an athletic population through an aerobic high intensity exercise involving running and immediately after testing their individual abilities to see in the peripheral field. These results will be compared to the results of their peripheral vision testing when they were at rest before the test. The athletes will be tested at the max of their abilities, then, 80%, 65%, and 50% of their max ability. This will allow the ability to see if there is a difference in the athlete ability to see in their peripheral field at different levels of physical excretion.
The mark of physical excretion to decide what is strenuous exercise will be determined by having the participating athletes do a Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test. This is standardized fitness test to find out an
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This will be done to test and see the effects on distance from the eye on the ability to see in the peripheral visional field. There will be two lights put at eye level around a circle. 0˚ will be to the direct right of the athlete. The two lights will be moved simultaneously on a scooter and the athlete will tell the research at which point they see the light and on what side. To find the degree that the athletes sees the light at a Jamar Plus+ Digital Goniometer will be used. Half of the athletes will be tested moving from front to back and the other half will be tested from back to front. This will allow the researchers to see if going in a certain order will have an effect on the athlete’s peripheral vision. The athlete will be tested to see if they can tell which side that the light will be shown and at what degree they see it
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