Periphery Countries Research Paper

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The world is made up of two kinds of countries, there are core countries and there periphery countries. There are also three kinds of people in this world, the countries in which you live in or where you were born, are a big deciding factor in what type of person you are. You are either a global, local, or mobal. The globals typically live in the core countries. Core countries are wealthier countries who provide a platform for success. Some of these countries are The United States, Canada, Australia, and most of Western Europe. A global is somebody who desires fortune and expansion. The opposite of a global is a local. A local is one who most likely lives in a periphery country. Locals don’t normally expand and they see the world as a much larger and scarier place than the globals, because they have less communication with the rest of the world. Locals stay in the location where they were born and raised, and most of the time, they continue what their ancestors have started. The mobals are in between the globals and the locals. The mobals are born and raised in a periphery country, but they make an attempt or take a risk to move to another country. They become immigrants of core countries in search of a better life for them and their families.
Medical Geography:
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Whenever a city is destroyed, it is always rebuilt. For example, when Hurricane Katrina struck, New Orleans was devastated. Although there was major flooding and destruction, New Orleans was eventually rebuilt and restored. Ancient villages have been destroyed by civilization, but new cities have been built over then. “Once a city, always a city.” There are major cities in the world. Some of these cities are titled, “World Cities.” This means that they are connected more internationally than they are connected locally.
Population and Migration:
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