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Perishable Traits of Individualism Many great authors have wrote about the bonds of kinship and how it attains to one’s life. Poets write sonnets about relationships as well as the pride and passion that belonging to some sort of union or society stirs up in a person. These works are of grave importance as they express the feelings and success that mankind achieves when we unite together. This isn’t to be undermined by the fact, however, that nothing in this world would get done unless people went about them as an individual. Notice here, is used the phrase, “as an individual” and not simply “alone”. “Alone” is a common enough word, though so rarely used in the right context. Humans believe it to be a sad word and in some ways, I suppose,…show more content…
Equality, however, is described as being unnaturally tall and more intelligent than the other children in his school and is punished because of it. First person narrator Equality, himself, states in the beginning of the book, “It is only we, Equality 7-2521 who were born with a curse. For we are not like our brothers.” (Rand 20) Because of the brainwashing tactics of the Council, Equality also sees his differences as sins, or transgressions. He acknowledges them and more that he continues to make as he finds an abandoned tunnel from the “Unmentionable Times” before the Great Rebirth and steals away to it to experiment with stolen objects, all with the belief that he is evil, yet also a new feeling of bliss: “-strange are the ways of evil!-in our heart there is the first peace we have known in twenty years” (Rand 37). In this way, Equality inadvertently humors his own passion, a sense of self that is forbidden to have in his society. As Equality spends more time in tunnels experimenting, he begins to understand more but with each discovery, new questions arise, directly contradicting the marketed idea that knowledge is limited. Quote. With this, he begins to question the things that he has always taken for granted. His enlightenment causes Equality to question more and more of what he 's been brainwashed into thinking and he begins formulating new ideas all his own. Although plans, thoughts, and ideas

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