Perkins Engines and Antony James

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| Comparison Of Job Roles And Analysis Of Structures * [Sanam Shahzad] | [Recruitment And Selection] | [23/10/2014] What this report is about: This report is about the difference and similarities of Perkins and Antony James. I will be talking about job roles from different functional areas from each business, comparing the roles and responsibilities within each role and talking about the similarities and differences. The second part of this report will be analyzing how the structure of each job roles affects the job roles within the business. Why I chose these businesses: I chose Perkins engines because it had a hierarchical structure and I knew if I chose a contrasting business that had a flat structure (Antony James) I…show more content…
Negotiating with staff and managers, eg issues relating to pay and conditions. A HR worker would be in charge of all this in a team. Similarities between Antony James (administration) and a HR worker is that they both look after the employees, Antony him Self recruits the best possible workers that would boost revenue for his business and a worker would do the same for Perkins, he/she would attain the best possible candidate. It is Antony's job for the welfare and safety of his employees and would make sure that all four of his employees including him self were aware of the health and safety procedure, as a Perkins HR worker would make sure the men/women working with engines was aware of the procedures. But the difference would be the scale these two workers work on, a HR worker would be in charge of lots of people in a building but as for Antony he would be in charge of 4. A marketing department worker working at Perkins is responsible for promoting and driving the sales of Perkins services and goods. A worker will focus on customers and spend time listening to the prospective of the customer in order to understand their needs regarding either a engine or anything else. Monitoring the competition such as Detroit Diesel Corp by asking questions such as why do customers choose the competitors versus

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