Perks of being a wallflower v. Catcher in the rye

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Comparing to ‘the Perks’, ‘the Catcher’ is found more enjoyable by me. I’m not saying ‘the Perks’ isn’t great–obviously it is. I just made a judgment mostly by my instinctive feelings. Both books are simple to read: words and phrases are plain and frank. Like Charlie says he writes kind of the way he talks, reading these two is just like sitting down facing Charlie and Holden who share likely the same age of you, and hearing their thoughts or complaints about adolescence and life. In ‘the Catcher’, Holden is used to mixing a lot dirty words in with his grumble, who, surprisingly, didn’t make me sick; instead I found him straightforward and the words refreshed to read. However, ‘the Perks’ narrated by letters sometimes was unpleasant…show more content…
However, I can say ‘the Perks’ is overwhelmed by love, but the love seems so fragile. ‘the Catcher’ is filled with complaints and resentment, but if you uncover it, you will find the positive sensation that makes you feel calm and peaceful. Classmates, teachers, prostitute, nuns, taxi driver, old Sally, everyone Holden met seemed unwilling to care about his story. But finally when he told Phoebe about his ‘catcher’ dream and Phoebe put that red hunting hat on his head in the rain, I really feel confident with the future of Holden. Even if everything in the world seems the worst, there’s still something worth us treasuring. Or maybe ‘the Perks’ is just about a reserved boy trying to find the love he deserves, and maybe ‘the Catcher’ is just about a runaway boy finally finds his direction during a short but valuable
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