Permanent Housing For Homeless : Homeless

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Permanent Housing for Homeless
Today, there are many problems that plague the world. And unfortunately, poverty is one of them. Many people chose to ignore this issue, not only on a global scale, but also on a local scale. In suburban areas, homelessness isn 't as obvious, but it is still an issue. Just because you do not see as many homeless people on the streets as you do in Chicago, doesn 't mean it’s not a problem here in Elgin. There are a couple of shelters in the Elgin area, but they have limitations as to how long they are open to the homeless. Usually, the homeless can only access them at night time between the hours of seven pm to seven am and they have to go through a long process in order to stay. There are other resources offered to them at these shelters, but none of the options include permanent housing. Shelters are great for temporary relief but do not reduce the problem of people not having a permanent place to stay. Having supportive housing will be a place that is stable for the homeless and will provide them with the help they need. I feel that permanent housing and supportive housing that is immediately available should be created for homeless and low income people.
Those who are against the idea of creating this kind of housing, say that it would cost the taxpayers too much money to accomplish. The possibility is that their property value can go down and other tax funded resources may be used to support the housing for the homeless. The taxes for the…
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