Permanent Magnet Motor Development And Development Of Permanent Magnetic Materials

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Permanent magnet motor was built by a permanent magnet excitation magnetic field to achieve electromechanical energy conversion device, which is electrically excited synchronous motor as a synchronous rotation speed, also known as permanent magnet synchronous motors. Magnet synchronous motor, particularly rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor compared with the electrical excitation synchronous motor, with a compact, small size, light weight and other characteristics, and the size and structure of the permanent magnet motor in the form of flexible, it can be a variety of topological structures form. As the permanent magnet electrical motor canceled the excitation system, thereby improving the efficiency of the motor so that the…show more content…
Problem statement As vacuum cleaner motor design, there are two mainly difficulties as follow. First one is the motor size problem, try to reduce the volume of motor. The second point is noise, people will not feel comfortable when they using it. Finding some efficient methods to solve these two problems is more significant. Literature review Single phase motors The small single-phase auxiliary motor fed from the 50 or 60 Hz single-phase power and rated 200W is needed by many computers, domestic and industrial applications, office instruments and equipment. One decade ago, there are many applications such as small water pumps ,audio equipment and fans were the exclusive domain of the very low-efficiency shaded pole induction motor. Because of power electronics and the magnets which is cost-effective, cage induction motors can be successfully substituted by PM brushless motors. The amount and size of apparatus and consumption of energy can be reduced by PM brushless motors because they have smaller sizes and higher efficiency. Fig. 1. Single-phase PM synchronous motor with symmetrical stator magnetic circuit: (a) smooth nonuniform air gap, (b) stepped nonuniform air gap. These motors have many merits, for example, the mechanical structure are not complicated, the efficiency get a high level at small dimensions and rated power. Because of a simple manufacturing procedure, produce the asymmetrical stator is easier than
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