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Now as you are resting so quietly there with your eyes closed…. I am going to help you to relax even deeper…. I am going to count… very slowly…. Upto 7.
And in between each count…. I will use the words ” drifting deeper and deeper”. And you’ll find…. As this count progresses… that you can drift into that trance state. As I count, you can help too as you tell yourself…”I am going deeper and deeper into hypnosis”.

Now it doesn’t matter if your mind wanders…. It doesn’t matter if you lose awareness altogether…. All that matters now is your own relaxation…. so just be comfortable… allow yourself the pleasure of sinking deeper and deeper into the comfortable lounge. Just let yourself drift into that
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You could just leave your hands in your lap comfortably, just as they are now.
Look how pretty your hands look and how beautiful your nails are. Keep them like this, as they are a very important part of your personality. Keep them beautiful and neat.

Now I leave you for a few moments to admire how happy you are, also to admire your beautiful hands. And when we come back I want that beautiful, confident feeling to travel with you to the Present and to the Future and make it stay with you forever.


That’s good… you are really doing well. Now I want you to bring that confidence with you in the present and remember that how you find it so easy to not bite your nails any more. It’ll come to you naturally, as you will remind yourself with an irresistible response…. reaching deep in the subconscious of your mind that you will never do it again, under any circumstances. And this confidence will remain with you in the future.

Now as you own this new confidence and happiness I will be bringing you back to the real world. I will count again from 7 to 1 and with each count you will drift back upwards bringing with you a feeling of strength and of self awareness, of you as a stronger and more positive person. And you will be awake, full of confidence that you do not need to bite your nails under any circumstances now. A feeling that will only grow stronger and stronger with each new day.

7 You are feeling fresh

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