Pernicious Anemia Research Paper

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Heba Omar 361220533 ENG211 D2 , Dr.Nehal October 16th, 2016 Assignment #1 Define pernicious anemia. What are the main characteristics? Pernicious Anemia Pernicious anemia is a blood disease which is kind of anemia. " Pernicious is a term that means destructive, injurious or deadly"[1]. In addition, patients died in past from pernicious anemia, but these days the treatment has improved composed to the past . Pernicious anemia appears when red blood cells or hemoglobin are abnormal. If the hemoglobin is less than 13.5/100g in male while is less than 12/100g in female then considered a sign of anemia. This essay will cover the definition, symptoms, and diagnosis of pernicious anemia. Pernicious anemia is a state which the red blood…show more content…
"The average age of diagnosis is age 60"[4]. In medicinal and family history doctor sometimes asks symptoms or sign for instance, if the patients have any stomach or intestinal surgeries, and have a digestive disorder, about medicine taking, or have family history of anemia or pernicious anemia. Moreover ,In bodily test doctor looks in pale or yellowish skin, heartbeats. Furthermore, there are a lot of tests and procedures aid to diagnose pernicious anemia. The first a test is complete blood counts used to diagnose kinds of anemia due to measure parts of blood, hemoglobin ,and red blood cells then if the result confirms that have anemia, so there are other blood tests to define which kind of anemia have. For example, A reticulocyte which is a test that counts red blood cells, and appears if the bone marrow is creating red blood cells correctly, but in pernicious anemia, the result is low then Serum folate and iron binding capacity exams are used to defined if patients have pernicious anemia or not. In addition, doctors advice another red blood tests to know vitamin B12 because if vitamin B12 is low, consider a sign of pernicious
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