Peroxidase: Background Research and Experimental Questions

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Peroxidase: Background Research and Experimental Questions on the Enzyme/Protein Class Introduction There are many different molecules and chemical compounds that interact within a living organism to provide all of the necessary nutrient supply, energy transfer, and waste removal needs of the organism and its individual cells. Understanding the nature of these various molecules and chemicals and the reactions that they take part in is essential to properly understanding how the functions of life manage to take place in everything from the simplest of plants to the most complex vertebrates. By unlocking the minute and microscopic workings of organisms at the cellular level, their interactions with and needs from the larger environment as well as a host of behaviors and actions can be more fully understood. This does not mean that these reactions have to be examined within the body in order to understand them, and in fact it is generally much easier to examine chemical reactions as they tae place outside organisms, in order to better understand what might be taking place within organisms. The following pages will present the details of an experiment involving a specific class of proteins, peroxidases, that act as enzymes in many organisms to breakdown potentially toxic byproducts from other reactions into non-harmful waste products that can be disposed of. An historical and chemical overview of peroxidases will be provided first, followed by an examination of certain
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