Perpetual Vehemence Research Paper

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The Perpetual Vehemence
By having a passion for learning you have created a pathway for yourself for many diverse opportunities in your lifetime. People that are eager to learn and try new things are allowing themselves to develop as a person and obtain an immeasurable amount of knowledge. Being a person that’s passionate to learn new things also means that there is always a possibility of discovering a new talent or potential that you never would've thought you had.
For as long as I can remember, I have always been intrigued by new concepts and endeavors. Things like instruments and foreign languages always seemed to be calling my name. When registration for high school rolled around it was troublesome trying to cull the electives that were
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It was like I was a newly debuted artist about to perform at my very first concert. The aura I was emitting was 99.99% trepidation and .01% anticipation. My cousin, who agreed to accompany me, noticed how anxious I was. She sighed and with slight annoyance seething in her voice she said, “Stop worrying already, you have your entire life ahead of you to learn new things.” And with those 15 bittersweet words I realized how ridiculously distraught I had been. I thought to myself about how I truly did have my entire life ahead of me waiting for me to keenly acquire more knowledge and experience new things. I needed to stop incessantly worrying about intangible nonsense that was out of my control.
Throughout my first couple years of high school, I delved into many different experiences, some worthwhile and others detestable. I fell into the world of music and learned how to read and slightly understand a couple of foreign languages. I learned how to graph inequalities and how to properly structure an essay. I envisioned the world through the eyes of historical figures like Rosa Parks and Susan B.
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