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Running head: 4MAT REVIEW, PARROT & PARROT 1

4MAT Review of, “The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring”
By Les Parrot and Leslie Parrot
Barbara Perry
Liberty University

“The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring”
By Les Parrot and Leslie Parrot
In this book, Parrot & Parrot (2005) present a resource for setting up a marriage mentoring program. The book gives guidelines for mentors with successful marriages to incorporate in helping with building positive, effective marriages for others. It relates the awareness and vital skills needed to
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It conveys purpose and selflessness as paramount to this growth. This unit closes with couples in distress and the crisis they face. It explains that addiction, infidelity, and major losses are some of the most common difficulties couples face. Recognizing unstable patterns and realizing when referral is necessary are covered here.
Part 3 concentrates on the skills needed for being a marriage mentor. Parrott & Parrott (2005) consider building an initial rapport with a couple as crucial to the relationship. Warmth, empathy, and team work are stressed as the most important skills necessary to being effective. It is suggested that identifying strengths, active listening, and asking meaningful questions are significant to good mentoring. This section concludes with an admonishment that mentors should simply be themselves.
The appendices offer mentors, pastors, and mentor leaders tools for their programs. They include an application form for both mentors and mentorees, report forms, and a guide for structuring a program. They also include policy samples.
Concrete Responses As I read this book, I was reminded of my mother having been a single parent. As a result, my brother and I grew up with no father as a role model. I had no idea what a healthy marriage should look like. This created many obstacles for me to overcome in my own marriage, though it made me a stronger person. I did not understand

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