Perry Bii A Virtual Reality

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Everyone seems to be more adapted to what is the greatest invention ever, which is technology. Technology can be pleasant and fun but yet has an unsafe impact on our world. People use the media for almost anything. Technology has made a way to enter our minds.
Technology is one of the most beneficial sources that we use today. Without technology we have no clue what position we would all be in. Although it is a desperate need for most of us, it can also be a menacing thing to our lives and community. We today use technology more than anything else. This causes it to take up most of our valuable time that we could be using to accomplish more relevant activities.
Virtual reality is a source created to simulate the world, it’s used in schools, stores, homes basically everywhere. Now a days most places you go there's always someone on their phone. People seem to give their computers, phones and games more attention more than what really matters. The internet is one of the biggest sources of time waste. According to Perry BI, Singh s in his article A virtual Reality, he says that “Technology is eating up more and more of our time”. The social media has basically taken control of everyone. The author Perry Bi,
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The internet changed the way people learn today. According to Perry Bi, Singhs s, in his article A virtual reality, it states that “School children that are more exposed to screen time have been found to be better at searching and finding information” (2016). Our generation has adapted to finding everything they need on the internet. According to Perry Bi, Singhs s, in his article A Virtual reality he says that “A study of US school children found that those exposed to higher levels of screen were less able to both and read nonverbal cues and show empathy”(2016). This fact proves that the social media has a vigorous affect mostly everyone. People rely on the internet, which causes them to forget about the real
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