Perry Monologue

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Perry's birthday is in a few weeks. He's 3000 miles away from me at the moment and so the usual means available to me to celebrate with him aren't an option, and since I spent his last birthday giving him the what for... In fact all the holidays this past season have been denied me given his distance. That's ok. I'll cope. But that means I try to do something... anything... to make them special and do nice things for my better half as anyone would do for their other. Even with money being as tight as it has been I've tried to send him something meager though it may be. So today began as many others have... I did my morning chores and other stuff that I needed to get done and then around noon I take a seat at my computer and putz around until he wakes…show more content…
But not willingly, and I'll grumble while not doing it. Many relationships go through this same sort of scenario at some point and how they weather it becomes the baseline for how that relationship develops. We should force ourselves to take a step back and look at things in our hot headed moments when arguments arise and attempt to apply empathy for an opposite point of view. Compromise is this weird word with a bunch of taboo swirling around it. Inevitably, it gets lumped in with the bad factors of a relationship, but it isn't as bad as it's painted half the time. The simple fact is that some compromise is essential and regardless of your convictions, compromising with the one you love is the proverbial honorable thing to do. Staying mindful of the reasons you are with your other in the first place don't hurt either. So often we fall into the monotony of living and become complacent and comfortable in our routines, sometimes taking for granted the person we're with. I'm more than sure that Perry has a different point of view. Either way however, we realized what was happening while it was happening, and took from it rather than let it take away from us. A trait of our entire relationship that is incredibly
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