Persecution In Religion

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Persecution in the church was expected and even prized as martyrs believed suffering brought them closer to Christ. But the church abused this understanding and created a cult of saints reflective of the old paganism of Rome. The purpose of this paper is to explore the early church and the persecution and criticisms that it went through. A background of the causes of such oppression will also be discussed as well as the role that Christians at that time played during this time of hurt. This paper will utilize the time frame of the first and second century and will highlight the role of the rulers at that time and their effect on the early church.
The persecution of the early church started with Emperor Nero in Circa in 64AD and after several
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Because of the large area of people who they ruled over, they were willing to recognize the different religions, customs and practices that the local people were accustomed to. But out of deep respect for the Jews and long history that they had established up until then, they were tolerated, despite the trouble that they would cause with other religious practices. They were even given a special statute that gave them certain authority over other religions. In fact, when Christianity was born, it was considered to be a part of Judaism. Once a distinction was made, the Jews were quick to have the Christians separated from them and no longer be associated with them and therefore were no longer subject to protections under the Roman…show more content…
He was even considered as possibly insane. Despite his attempt to prove otherwise, no good acts by him were considered to be truly good, as people suspected that there was some evil to his good deeds. He is even responsible for the death of Paul and Peter. One major incident occurred in 64AD when a city was set on fire. It was a common speculation at the time that Nero was the one responsible for the fire, so to prevent any further hatred from his people, he decided to blame the Christians for said fire. This marks the beginning of the persecution that the early church underwent in the first and second centuries. Sadly, a lot of these accusations toward Nero were perhaps rumors, but Nero used the Christians as his scapegoat for the
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