Persecution Of Belief Essay

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Living in America gives us certain rights and protections. We enjoy the luxury of having the freedom of religion given to us by our constitution. But, many people within other countries cannot enjoy this simple freedom. Everyday they are oppressed by the government in addition to their own people. Persecution of belief may have been prominent in the older ages but even in today's age you can find it leaks into our society.
Hamlet is about the oppression of others with Shakespeare stating that the people who stand up against the oppression are the courageous few. Within the entire play Hamlet is the one that believes his uncle is a murderer. The words “O my prophetic soul! My uncle!”( I.5.46), revealed Hamlet’s realization that his uncle is
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Currently in third world countries the oppression is rampant; in the country Bangladesh a blogger was killed because of his difference in belief. "Cleaving a writer's head with a machete is fitting punishment for expressing views they do not like."(The Editorial Board), shows just how far opposing views in religion can be taken. In other third world countries there are laws that forbid people from expressing other religion deemed unholy by the government. Within Pakistan “They used their mobile phones secretly to record him reading a verse from the Qur'an. Soon afterwards, Ahmad was arrested on blasphemy charges."( "A Question of Belief.") Ahmed was charged with blasphemy for having different views about the Qur’an. But, the people who are courageous enough to take a stand are the ones who will bring about change. "The prayer vigils, the courageous few who protect those of another faith, or the activists who seek to change government policy."( "As Persecution of Faithful Rises, so Does the Religious Response."), these are the people that will change their government’s belief in that certain religions are
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