Persecution of the Early Church

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Persecution of the Early Church Objective The objective of this study is to examine Christian persecution first by beginning in Greece and Rome in the ancient world. Jews were people that dressed differently, spoke differently and were even labeled as atheists due to their lack of a belief in any of the Greek or Roman gods or goddesses. The Jewish people were referred to as 'enemies of the human race' since the foods that they ate were different and they did not mingle in with others in social activities. Even more hated in the mainstream society were the Christians especially those who lived and became martyrs around the year A.D. 155. During this time, a persecution arose against Christians in Asia Minor with many of these becoming martyrs for the Christian faith. Introduction The Christians of the time around A.D. 155 were of great courage and for example Germanicus, is reported to have "particularly astounded the crowd. He encouraged his fellow Christians and spurred the wild beasts, to which he had been thrown, to slay him." (Light to the Nations, Chapter 3, date unknown) This resulted in the pagans crying out to do away with the atheists (the Christians) and cried out as well to "seek Polycarp!" (Light to the Nations, Chapter 3, date unknown) It is reported that Polycarp was 86 years of age, bishop of the church of Smyrna and 'One of the last living links with the Apostles, having spoken with Apostle John at some past time. Polycarp is reported to have been:
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