Persephone Quotes

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One of the two tricks Hades played on persephone is getting her to pick the flowers so he could get her.’’ ‘’There were wild roses, purple crocuses, sweet scented violets, tall iris, rich narcissus,2 and white lilies. All these the girl was gathering, yet fair as they were, Persephone herself was fairer far.’’ ‘’Then, as she looked a little ahead in the meadow, she suddenly beheld the marvelous thing.’’ ‘’It was a flower so beautiful that none like it had ever been known.’’ ‘’It seemed a kind of narcissus, purple and white, but from a single root there sprang a hundred blossoms, and at the sweet scent of it the very heavens and earth appeared to smile for joy.’’ ‘’As she stretched out her hand, and she found herself caught in a stranger’s
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