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The Goddess Persephone was a very beautiful and well worshiped goddess, she was loved by all, do to how she was very kind and caring as well as being able to bring warmth to the earth also known as spring. Persephone is the daughter of Zeus the king of all gots and the daughter of Demeter the goddess of the harvest. Indeed she was very beautiful, or at least enough to catch the eye of the ruler of the underworld. He then fell instantly in love with her and knew he had to have her. So he devised a plan to take her as his own. One day Persephone was picking flowers for her mother Demeter when she noticed a beautiful scent and decide to follow it. After wandering off from the field she looked up at birds fluttering and suddenly the sky began to…show more content…
Her sadness was shown to Helios and he told her the truth of her daughter. She was furious and said that zeus would be angry aswell but actually zeus agreed to the union from the start. She Then told zeus she would never again give harvest to people until she got her daughter. Zeus the became worried he didn't want his people to starve I f they did they wouldn't worship him anymore. He then sent Hermes to sort things out for him. But once he got there he saw Persephone Hades sitting on a couch and by then Persephone began to fall for Hades as well. Then he saw Persephone eat six pomegranate seeds and then he realized he was too late. Hermes then persuaded Hades to let her go but Hades said for six months of every year she was to be with him and the other six she could be with her mother. It was agreed and now every spring Persephone is with Demeter and during winter she is with Hades. So now today when fall comes and the weather becomes colder Persephone is in the underworld while Demeter is on earth alone. And when spring comes Persephone is home with her mother to bring us…show more content…
Only women who were the spouses of Athenian citizens could attend the festival; no unmarried women were present, and no men, who were expected to send their wives and to meet the festival's costs, but who might be severely beaten if they attempted to spy on the proceedings. Some of the rituals part of the celebration includes collected dead pigs remains from a pit from the previous year and putting new ones for the next. The dead pigs remains that were retrieved were then mixed with seeds and planted into the ground for harvest. Do to Persephone's story there are multiple statues,in monument of her the most famous being The Rape Of Persephone. The statue has both Hades and Persephone on it, created in 1622. Another famous sculpture is Demeter hugging Persephone, there are multiple names for this piece but it is mostly known as the Demeter Hugging
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