Persephone: The Ancient Greek Myth

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Persephone was the gorgeous daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She was so beautiful that it attracted many of the gods and goddesses. As this was tough to have many pursuers Persephone was able to stay chaste and innocent. Zeus’s brother, Hades, was her most persistent chaser. Hades, god of the underworld, fell deeply in love with Persephone. He was so in love that he decided to kidnap her.
One day while Persephone was picking flowers the ground trebled. Hades in a chariot of black horses came forth from the soil and took the goddess of springtime down to the underworld. As the gorgeous goddess is taken she screams and shouts but the only people who hear her are Helios, Hectate, and her mother Demeter. Demeter searches for Persephone but the only person who actually saw the whole ideal was Helios, the god of the sun. Helios tells Demeter the whole story about how Zeus gave permission for Hades to take Persephone. Hades of course very happy to take advantage of the situation. He kidnapped Persephone and took her to the underworld. Demeter is speechless. She couldn’t believe that Zeus had betrayed her and gave away their only daughter.
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With this in motion people are starving and dying everywhere. Finally Zeus realizing what he has done sends Hermes to ask Hades for Persephone back. Hades agrees but before Persephone leaves he slips pomegranate seeds into her mouth. Hermes and Persephone leave the underworld and Demeter is absolutely thrilled to see her Persephone again. Curiously Demeter asks her daughter if she ate anything in the underworld. Because Demeter knows that if you eat anything from the underworld you must stay there. Persephone tells her mother about the pomegranate seeds and Demeter is absolutely
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