Persepolis : A Modern Context Of Iranian Life

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A prevalent aspect of Iranian life is their significant focus on family. In Iran, family formed the foundation of Muslim society (Dhami). This focus on family was evident in Persepolis in that the grandmother lived with the family and her words of wisdom influenced Marjane constantly throughout the story. Marjane returned to the oppressiveness of the Regime not because she missed her home, but because she missed the support her family provided her. When she divorced with Reza, her family was fully supporting her decision. Even when this family had their disagreements, it was evident that they all loved and supported each other no matter the circumstance.
Another aspect realized from reading Persepolis is how much some Iranians abhor the rules of the Regime. From a Western perspective, it can be difficult to understand why the women must cover the shape of their body and hair completely or how the women have no rights, but many of the Iranians themselves do not enjoy the rules either. The women in many instances married not for love but for economics or if the suitor was someone who was chosen by the family rather than the bride. The Regime imposed many rules on women to where it made their lives unnecessarily difficult. For instance, Marjane ran to catch up with a bus and guards stopped her because her rear looked obscene while she was running. Female genital mutilation was another common tradition among Muslim women which made sex for them less pleasurable. In part, this
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